Sunday, May 2, 2010

Architecture -- Before you Design-Due-Diligence

     Being an Architect I understand far too well the amount of effort that is exacted and exerted before the Mayor gets to shovel the first piece of earth.  Each site or property is unique with a specific set of characteristics and  constraints. These involve legal, financial, physical, climatic, cultural and contextual issues to define and synergize into the ultimate design solution.

A diligent designer will spend substantial time analyzing and assessing the characteristics and constraints in order to advise his client as to the impact of each of these issues.  The existence of just one of these constraints such as a power easement through the middle of a property can be a deal-breaker.  Or it can be an opportunity and clue as how to arrange the site plan. Once the initial due-diligence analysis is complete and the property is acquired, then it is time to start the design process.  It can take 90 days to a year to be able to start designing.  The design team is now assembled:  Structural Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers, Civil Engineers, Kitchen Consultants, Acoustical Consultants, Traffic Consultants, Code Consultants and even Feng Shui experts, all the expertise needed for the creative process ahead.  It can be complicated and tedious yet exhilarating and satisfying.  The Architect's job is to guide and orchestrate the design team toward the defined Vision of the Client.

In the end Architecture is for the people who live and use the places that we help create!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Journey to Architecture - Ramblings of an Architect (Part II)

                Have you ever wondered what makes people tick, what led them to their profession? Was is genetics, environmental, influences by others? Was it fate or God or simply luck? My guess is that it's a combination of some or all of the above factors. In my case, it was definitely a combination.  Everyone else in my family chose the medical profession. Someone had to venture out and that was me!
My first love was sports though I always liked to sketch and doodle.
Katz's Deli was my favorite all night spot while I attended
UT School of Architecture, now we frequent the deli in Houston!
My mind seems to work better when I doodle or draw!  I might go brain-dead if my hands were cut off. God willing that won't happen.
       For some unexplainable reason at young age I was concerned about how the/my environment looked and was organized both inside and out!  Telephone poles have always annoyed me..such eye sores, visual noise, waste of get the point. Sorry, got carried away!  My poor mom would come home to 75% of the house being rearranged...just so you know, she did survive!  It was a spacial experiment for me and probably therapeutic!
 In my High School class of 1980, Sherman, Texas I took drafting which I wasn't really that good at, not like Paul Nixon, he was really good. I prefer to sketch and doodle which I often do when I'm on the phone or taking notes! Someday these will get analyzed by someone and they will really see the mine-field of my mind!
So I'm still learning what makes me tick if it really matters.
Life is really the sum of all the small choices that we make each day!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

My Jouney to Architecture - Ramblings of an Architect (Part I )

          You don't know how many times someone has told me that they wanted to be an Architect growing up!  This simple innocent statement has caused many thoughts to flood my mind, some I cannot write about!  Many of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's remember Mr. Brady and his bunch.  Somehow we relate to Architects in this way......not me, I'm not so perfect. To be honest I'm not totally sure how I got here. And, yes I played with Lincoln Logs, Tonka Trucks, Tinker Toys, Lego's and even had a minor addiction to building puzzles.  This probabally keep me out of lot of trouble. My first dream was to be a NFL Quarterback in the vain of Roman Gaberiel. 
I was moved to linebacker in high school and  those plans quickly evaporated.  Little did I know of the road that I eventually choose to embark!  And that Houston, Texas would be along that road!  
JoeJacobs, April 2010